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16. Missing without a trace 1

What a great search operation! They looked for him here and there. But without success. They looked for him on the shore of the Jordan River; they looked for him in the city; they looked for him on the mountain. But nowhere did they find even a trace of him.

Fifty men participated in the search for three long days. But no one saw him, no one could give any information about him. They just couldn’t find him. Who? You can find out who he is. You’ve certainly heard his name at least once.

Important details about him:

Heritage: a Tishbite

Occupation: a prophet

He spoke on behalf of God, and everything he prophesied came to pass.

Courageously, he pointed out the King’s sins to him.

For a period of time, a raven brought him breakfast and supper.

On a mountain he prayed, and God let fire rain down from heaven.

His name means, "God is Lord."

Do you know who this person is?

A Bible passage can help you find the answer.

In 1 Kings 17, chapter 13 (you can find this book near the beginning of the Bible in the Old Testament) is the name of the person we’re talking about.

When you find his name, send it to us, and you’ll receive an answer.

Soon you can hear more about this person.

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