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149. Inam has a difficult time 1

The laundry basket was heavy. Inam carried it to the river. There she took out the dirty laundry, submerged it in the water and scraped it on a large stone.

This was hard work. For in the jungle, there was no washing machine.

Tears ran down Inam‘s brown face. She had been beaten badly again. Inam looked across the fields and thought about the time when the rice plants were still very small.

(sound of music in the background during the memory)

Inam: "Back then foreigners came to Indonesia and built a small church nearby out of wood. Everyone could attend. I peeked through the cracks and listened when the lovely songs were sung. Then I went inside and heard the exciting stories about Jesus and how He died on the cross for us.

I decided to follow Him and give Him my life. When I told my parents that I had prayed to Him, they were very angry with me and beat me." (music fades away)

Inam cried, not because of the beating but because of her parents.

Inam: "Lord Jesus, I wish that my parents would also believe in You and live for You and go to heaven one day. Please don’t let them be lost."

Inam lifted the laundry basket and carried it back home.

Mother (angry): "Why are you so slow? Get going, hurry up! Cook the rice!"

After the meal, Inam was grounded.

But when it was quiet, she climbed out of the window and ran through the tall jungle grass to the small church.

(music in the background)

She didn’t want to miss the service. The songs and Bible verses that she learned there gave her new courage. But at home, her parents were waiting for her with a stick.

Inam had a difficult time ever since she decided to live for Jesus.

She was often beaten, but she still trusted Jesus.

When she got sick, her mother called for the witch doctor. He mixed a drink and mumbled something to himself.

Inam pondered what she could do so that she wouldn’t have to drink it. The witch doctor gave the cup to her and in that moment the mother called out.

Mother: "I have to go to the kitchen, the rice is burning!"

The witch doctor followed her and Inam quickly poured the drink out of the window.

If they ever found out!

You’ll hear what happened next in the story in the following drama.

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