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150. Very courageous 2

That was very courageous. Inam didn’t want to swallow the witch doctor’s drink, which is why she poured it out of the window.

Inam: "I trust you, Lord Jesus, please heal me."

And the Indonesian girl did get well again.

When Inam got well, she went first of all to the service in the small church that stood in her jungle.

(sound of music)

She joyfully sang the lovely songs about Jesus with the others.

Then she told them that Jesus heard her prayer and made her healthy again.

Woman: "And who does your mother think made you well?"

Inam: "She thinks that it was the witch doctor who gave me something to drink."

Woman: "Are you going to tell her the truth?"

Inam thought about it as she went back home. She often got beaten because she believed in Jesus.

The next day she went to the kitchen and watched while her mother pounded spices.

Inam: "Mama, you probably think that the witch doctor’s drink made me well again. But that’s not true. I poured the drink out of the window. Jesus made me well again."

Mother: "Is that so? That means you gave us the run-around."

That didn’t sound too bad. On the contrary. Her parents had long been amazed at their courageous Inam, who believed in Jesus in spite of all the beatings.

Her mother looked up at the sun.

Mother: "Inam, it’s time to go to church."

Inam threw her arms around her mother.

For the first time she went to the service with her parents‘ permission. And after a while, her parents even accompanied her. Inam was so happy as she sat between her father and her mother; they heard the stories of Jesus together.

Her parents thought a lot about what they heard in the small church. They compared their religion to having faith in Jesus, which gave their daughter the strength to remain faithful, even when she was beaten.

One day her parents decided to follow Jesus.

Inam‘s life with Jesus had convinced them that He lives. In spite of many beatings, she remained faithful to Jesus and loved Him more and more.

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