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127. Too late

They reached the shore and got out of the boat. Finally! Jairus needed Jesus desperately. He pushed through the crowd and fell at Jesus’ feet.

Jairus: "My daughter is dying. Come quickly. Please put Your hands on her so that she will be healed."

Jesus went with him. They had to hurry. Why did Jesus suddenly stop?

Jesus: "Who touched me?"

Man: "Not I. Everyone is pushing and shoving."

Jesus turned around and saw a woman who stood trembling behind Him.

Woman: "I just wanted to touch the hem of Your robe. I’ve been sick for twelve years. No doctor and no medicine have helped me. I’ve given all of my money away so that I could get healthy. But when I touched Your garment, I was immediately healed!"

Jesus: "Your faith has made you well. Don’t be afraid!"

Faith helps! You won’t be disappointed if you believe in Jesus. Or do you think that it could happen sometime?

Messenger: "Where is Jairus? Jairus, I have bad news for you: your daughter is dead."

She was only twelve years old. Jairus‘ faith was dangerously close to disappearing, like a candle flame in the wind.

Jesus: "Don’t be afraid. Trust Me instead!"

These words from Jesus ignited his faith once again. Then they saw Jairus‘ house.

One could hear the wailing and crying of those grieving all the way to the street.

Jesus: "Why are you crying? The child is not dead."

Everyone made fun of Jesus. They had seen her with their own eyes. Jesus sent everyone away. Only the parents and three of his close friends were allowed to come with Him into the girl’s bedroom where she was lying. It was deathly quiet in the room. Did Jairus think about Jesus‘ words: "Don’t be afraid. Trust Me instead"? And what was he supposed to believe in this case?

Jesus walked to the bed of the dead daughter and took her hand.

Jesus: "Talitha kumi! Daughter, stand up!"

The parents saw how she opened her eyes and got up out of bed.

Jesus: "Give her something to eat."

The Lord said this, the One who heals the sick and raises the dead.

Jesus can do everything! Except for one thing: He can’t disappoint those who believe in Him.

For that reason, whatever may happen in your life: Don’t be afraid, trust Him instead!

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