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97. Whoever doesn’t want to listen 1

(sound of knocking)

1st man: "Now he started up again."

Woman: "He gets me so upset."

2nd man: "He’s the biggest weirdo of all time. It’s going to rain. God supposedly told him that."

God really did tell him that.

God spoke: "I made a decision. I’m going to destroy every person who lives on the face of the earth. Their thoughts and actions are evil through and through."

Noah was the only man who looked to God. For this he needed lots of courage. He didn’t let himself be led astray to do evil. He remained firm and did everything that God told him to do. God was happy with him.

God spoke: "Noah, build an ark out of wood. I’m going to send a great flood. Everything that lives will drown. But I will save you and your wife and your sons and their wives."

Noah did everything that God told him. He built the ark with his sons according to God’s instructions. Almost 500 feet long, 72 feet wide and 40 feet tall. The ceilings were put in place and three stories were divided into rooms. The ark had one door and a window on the roof. It was sealed with tar both inside and out.

Can you imagine the ridicule they received from their neighbors?

1st man: "Noah is nutty. Where’s the water going to come from so that the boat will float?"

2nd man: "I’ve never even seen rain. Noah, just stop what you’re doing and start enjoying life."

But Noah didn’t stop. He kept doing whatever God told him to do. After many years of hard work, the ark was finished.

God spoke: "Noah, climb into the ark with your family. Take two of every animal with you as well as enough food for all. Just one more week, and then I’m going to let it rain steadily for 40 days and 40 nights."

Noah didn’t see the rain, but he continued to do all that God told him to do. He climbed into the ark with his family. The animals came. It seemed as if they knew that danger was coming.

They all went through the single door on board.

God Himself closed the door behind Noah. He saved those who trusted and obeyed Him.

And the others? They didn’t believe God.

The first raindrops fell. And then the people suddenly realized that God does what He says He will do.

I’ll tell you what else happened in the next drama.

People: Narrator, two men, woman, God

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