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80. A bill for Mama

Jasmin’s most desired possession lay on the shelf in the toy section.

Jasmin: "One needs money. Adults are privileged. They can buy whatever they want. But hey, I have an idea."

Jasmin was in a hurry. After lunch, she went into her room. All that she needed was a pencil and a piece of paper.

Jasmin: "Payroll list for Jasmin. I’m not a slave who works for nothing:

Recycled glass taken to container$2,50
Shower cleaned$4,-
Every night dishes cleared from table$8,-
Cleaned room (hard work!)$13,50
Emptying the dishwasher$5,-
Take out the garbage (how it stinks!)$8,-
All together it adds up to… 15, 21 …$41,-

Please pay quickly!

Your hard-working Jasmin."

Secretly she put the bill on the kitchen table. Already at supper she found a letter by her plate. But she opened it later when she was alone.

Jasmin: "Now I’m curious. (sound of letter being opened, money falling out) Exactly $41,-! I was never so rich. Oh, there’s a note included:

My dear Jasmin!

Here is your pay. You are certainly a diligent girl. When you have time, please read my bill.

10 years I did your washno charge
10 years I cooked for youno charge
When you were sick, I took care of youno charge
I played with youno charge
I always took time to listen to your problems and caresno charge

I won’t make this list any longer. What I did, I did gladly for you because I love you so very much, my darling. Your Mom."

Jasmin was ashamed. She ran to her mom and hugged her.

Jasmin: "Mom, I’ll never give you a bill again. Here is your money back. I love you!"

Helping others gives them joy and giving does, too. It will soon be Mother’s Day.

Do you want to give joy? I wish that you’ll have a good idea as to how you can surprise your mom.

And remember: Doing for others gives joy back. Not only on Mother’s day.

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