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47. Arsonist 6

On Sunday evening, TiFam sat outside and watched as the sun went down behind the mountains on Haiti. She was so happy because she recently became a child of God. Her father, the witch doctor, Orestil, had taken her Bible away and tore it up. But he could never take away the Lord Jesus, for she had Him in her heart. TiFam wasn’t mad at her father, who sat across the courtyard and warmed himself by the fire. She loved him anyway. Did he know the newest piece of news?

TiFam: "Father, Victor is coming every Sunday to our village to preach."

Orestil: "He’d better not do that."

Orestil grumbled to himself, but didn’t let on that he had eavesdropped behind the church that morning. He thought constantly about Victor’s words.

Victor: "Jesus changed my life. I lived in fear of the spirits and I served them. But when I heard about God’s love, I believed. Now I’m joyful and know that Jesus is always with me. I’ll never be alone."

Orestil went into the small house that he had built for the spirits.

Orestil: "You spirits, show me your power. Let fire fall on this church and burn it. Should I help you do it?"

In the middle of the night, Orestil carried a piece of burning wood to the church. He laughed and held the fire up to the straw roof.

Suddenly a hand pulled his arm back. The witch doctor collapsed.

Orestil: "Victor, where did you come from?"

Victor: "Jesus sent me so I would talk with you. He loves you."

Orestil: "Can He still love me? I served the spirits, I lied, I wanted to kill you, and I was going to burn down the church. I even ripped up TiFam’s Bible. He can still love me?"

Victor: "For every single one of your sins He died on the cross. He will forgive you."

Orestil: "I’m so sorry for what I did. I want peace and I want to become a child of God now."

The witch doctor was serious. He burned all his magic artifacts and started a new life. Everyone who saw his glowing face rejoiced. But the one who rejoiced most was TiFam.

Jesus is the winner, in Haiti and with us. He accepts everyone who comes to Him and who wants to become a child of God.

For "To all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God" (John 1:12); this is what the Bible says.

People: Narrator, TiFam, Orestil, Victor

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