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41. The Chief and Jesus

With the machete in his hand, the missionary blazed a trail through the jungle. The sun blazed from heaven. At last he reached the Indian village. The Chief greeted him warmly.

No white man had ever come to this tribe to tell them about Jesus before. The drums called all the Indians together. The missionary began happily.

Missionary: "God sent me to you so you could know how to get to heaven."

The Chief rejoiced over this good news. He stood up and went to get something.

Chief: "The Chief gives his ax to God."

Then he listened some more.

Missionary: "God loves you and wants you to come to Him. But God is holy and your sins block the way to Him. Sinners can’t get into heaven."

This made the Indians sad, because he was right. They had stolen, lied and killed, and for this they were ashamed.

Missionary: "Don’t be sad. God loves you. He wants to forgive you of your sins."

Happy about this, the Chief stood up, walked away and brought back a beautiful, colorful carpet.

Chief: "The Chief is happy that God loves him, so he gives God a carpet."

Missionary: "God sent His own Son into the world so that He could pay for the sins of all the people."

God had done so much! The Chief went away in order to get the most precious thing that he possessed.

Chief: "The Chief gives God his horse. Now I don’t have anything more to give to God."

Really, nothing else? The missionary spoke again.

Missionary: "Jesus, God’s Son, died willingly on the cross for your sins. He loves you. Believe in Him and He will forgive you of your sins and you will go to heaven one day."

The Chief’s face glowed.

Chief: "Oh, I know what else I can give God. I give Him my heart and believe that He died for me."

Many others did the same and returned happily to their tents.

Do you also want to be happy in this way? Then follow the example of the Chief and believe in the Lord Jesus.

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