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163. The secret of Wilden Woods 1

Ruth was upset at Aunt Margret. Just because she misbehaved, her punishment was to go to bed without supper.

Philip came quietly into her room.

Philip: "Ruth, this is for you. I secretly hid it in my pocket."

Ruth was very hungry and took a bite of the sandwich.

Ruth (with her mouth full): "Philip, I want to be good. Why can’t I?"

Philip: "I don’t know. You need to try not to get so upset, and then you won’t say such hateful things anymore. It’s kind of Aunt Margret to let us come live here since our parents went to be missionaries in India."

Ruth sighed and stuck half of the sandwich in her mouth.

Suddenly they heard Aunt Margret‘s footsteps.

Philip ran into his room and lay down on his bed still in his street clothes.

Aunt Margret: "Good night, Philip. Good night, Ruth."

Philip: "Good night, Aunt Margret."

Ruth acted as if she were sleeping.

The next morning, Philip made plans for their vacation.

Philip: "We’ll discover things in the Wilden woods. Maybe birds will hatch today by the brook. We’ll build a hut, an authentic nature research center."

Ruth was enthusiastic.

Both children ran along the small path that led to the woods.

Ruth stood still and observed Mr. Tanner‘s flock of sheep. A small lamb came up to her and licked her hand. It didn’t have any parents and sometimes ran away.

Philip: "Come, Ruth, we don’t have a lot of time."

They found the best place for their hut. Ruth collected branches and Philip built a wigwam with them. They came every day to their secret place.

One time, Ruth had to stay at home and hang out the laundry. She didn’t like that at all. Angrily, she let the clean clothes fall into the mud.

Aunt Margret: "Can‘t you be more careful? Say you’re sorry for your actions."

Ruth: "But I’m not sorry! You are so mean, Aunt Margret."

Aunt Margret: "Ruth, I’ve thought about it a long time. I’m going to send you to a boarding school."

Ruth: "Then I’ll run away." (sound of the door slamming)

Ruth ran angrily away. Far away. To where? She didn’t know herself where she was.

But Aunt Margret‘s words followed her.

(with an echo and softly fading): 'I’m going to send you to a boarding school. Then I’ll run away. I’m going to send you to a boarding school. Then I’ll run away'…

In the next drama you’ll hear what else happens to this runaway

People: Narrator, Philip, Ruth, Aunt Margret

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