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164. The lost sheep 2

Ruth ran away, angry. Aunt Margret‘s words followed her: 'I’m going to send you to a boarding school.'

When the sun went down, she was far away from home and wondered where she could sleep that night. Maybe in the church behind the cemetery?

She walked past the gravestones and stopped when she saw a small, white cross.

Ruth: "'Johanna Collins, 9 years old. She went to be with Jesus.' Would I also be with Jesus if I were to die today?"

Deep in thought, Ruth sneaked (sound of a door creaking) into the church.

Then she lay down on the pew and fell asleep.

The next day, the pastor came into the church and discovered Ruth.

Pastor: "Good morning. Where did you come from?"

Ruth trusted the Pastor and told him about how she ran away.

Then she gobbled up a delicious breakfast in the pastor’s house while Mr. Robinger telephoned her Aunt. Ruth looked around the room until she saw a picture that hung on the wall.

Pastor: "Do you like that picture? That‘s Jesus, the Good Shepherd. He’s holding out his hand to the lost lamb. He wants to save it. The lamb reminds me a bit of you."

Ruth: "Will He find me, too? And will I go to heaven like Johanna Collins?"

Pastor: "Yes. You just need to tell Him that you want to belong to Him. I’ll give you that picture. Go back home now. Your aunt is worried about you."

On the way home, Ruth took the picture out of her pocket. She looked at it as she prayed.

Ruth: "Lord Jesus, I am this disobedient lamb. Please forgive me all my sin. I want to belong to You and live with You in heaven one day. Amen."

Jesus answers this kind of prayer immediately. Ruth thanked Him for that and jumped for joy.

Aunt Margret was waiting for her at the front door. They hugged each other.

Ruth: "Aunt Margret, I’m sorry for everything. Please don’t send me to a boarding school. I’ll be good from now on."

Aunt Margret: "I love you. Let’s try it one more time."

Ruth really worked on her attitude. She listened to the voice of the Good Shepherd when He spoke to her heart and through the Bible. But she didn’t listen to the voice of her proud ego that always flared up.

Ruth was truly changed. For some time, everything went well, but then…

Remember to listen to the next drama where I’ll tell you how this exciting story continues.

People: Narrator, Ruth, pastor, Aunt Margret

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