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58. God turns everything to good 6

What an exciting day! Joseph’s brothers made a second trip to Egypt in order to buy grain. They didn’t know that their brother was the Second-in-command in the land, the one they had sold as a slave 20 years ago because they were envious of him.

Joseph ordered a feast to be prepared. The seating order was exactly like it was at home. Strange, the brothers thought. They were glad when they were finally on the way home with their full sacks of grain. But they didn’t get too far.

Servant: "Stop! Don’t move! You stole my master’s silver cup."

Brother: "No, we haven’t stolen anything. Look for yourself."

The servant searched through everything. The last sack he opened was Benjamin’s.

Servant: "Here is the thief. Everyone goes back. And you will stay here as a slave."

They were taken before Joseph. Trembling, they all bowed before him. He had ordered someone to put the cup into one of the sacks in order to test his brothers. Would they stick together or were their hearts still so evil? Joseph spoke sharply to them.

Joseph: "Why did you do this? The thief will stay here as my slave."

Then Judah spoke up.

Brother: "Please let Benjamin go and take me as your slave instead. Our Father will otherwise die of grief."

The brothers stuck together. Then Joseph revealed himself to them.

Joseph: "Don’t you recognize me? I am Joseph, your brother."

They were speechless. And Joseph cried for joy and hugged them.

Joseph: "God sent me to Egypt so that you would stay alive. Go and get our father and your families. Five years of famine are still coming, but I will take care of you."

He gave them many gifts to take back home.

Their father was overjoyed when he heard that Joseph was alive. And soon afterwards, 70 people moved with all their possessions to the best part of Egypt. What a celebration! After 20 years Joseph saw his father again. God turned everything to good. And the brothers finally confessed their wrongdoing.

Brother: "Joseph, please forgive us for what we did to you. We’re sorry."

Joseph: "I forgive you. You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good."

God turned everything around for good! It was His plan to keep his people alive.

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