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31. Alarm on the farm

Do you know Tom? He lives on a farm South America. On his birthday, he got a real baby chick. Tom took care of it all by himself. Gradually the chick became a chicken. The yellow fluff turned into white feathers, which is why Tom named his chicken Mrs. White. In the barn he built her a nest, and every time Mrs. White laid an egg, she loudly let everyone know it.


As the grain in the fields grew higher and higher, Mrs. White didn’t lay any more eggs.

Tom: "Mama, what’s the matter with Mrs. White? She’s not laying any more eggs and she disappears in the fields of grain."

Mother: "Just wait, Tom."

His mother smiled as she spoke. And a few weeks later, Tom knew why.

Tom: "Mama, Mama, look!"

Out of the field came Mrs. White with a whole flock of baby chicks. Tom was so happy.

(sound of a siren)

One day there was a fire alarm. The fields of grain were burning. The fire almost reached the farmhouse.

Tom: "Where is Mrs. White? Is she…"

Tom didn’t want to think that thought to the end while he searched all over the field. But what was that? Tom saw her charred at his feet. He picked her up. And under the chicken he found all of her chicks frightened and huddled up against each other.

Tom: "How is that possible?"

Mother: "Animals know quickly when danger is near. When the fire got closer, the chicks sought protection from their mother. The chicken could have flown away, but the chicks could not have flown. Mrs. White loved her little ones, and so she spread her wings out over them and let the fire burn her instead of her babies. She sacrificed herself so her children could stay alive."

Father: "And the love of Jesus can be compared to this. Tom, always remember that Jesus gave his life willingly so that we can live."

People: Narrator, Tom, mother, father

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