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30. Meeting Jesus

Have you ever wished that you had lived 2000 years ago and had met Jesus then? That you had seen and heard Him?

Now he is in heaven, in the invisible world of God. But you can still meet him. How? That's what my two guests are talking about today.

Melanie, how was it with you? When did you meet Jesus?

Melanie: "In the children’s program that my Mama taught at our house. We spoke about how one can get to heaven only through Jesus, and that He can forgive all of our sins because He died for us. And I thought to myself, if someone who has never sinned would do such a wonderful thing for others, then He has to love us very much. So I decided to invite Him into my heart."

How did you do that?

Melanie: "When I prayed."

What happened after that?

Melanie: "After that, I could tell Him everything that made me sad, and I could thank Him for His good help. He made me a new person, and I know that I will always have Someone whom I can trust and who will never disappoint me."

Sarah, you have also met Jesus? Tell us about how it began.

Sarah: "With a song that I really like (play public domain music in the background):

‘There is no one too rich, no one too poor, no one too big or too small.
There is no one too simple, and no one too fine; His love is for us all.
God opens the door for each one – for each one who seeks Him.
He takes the guilt and gives love back instead, for He keeps His word.’

While I sang that song, I realized that it’s true for me. That evening I talked with my Mother about it, and I prayed with her. That’s how I met Jesus. I asked Him to come into my life. And I felt like a huge burden just fell from my shoulders – I felt so free! At any rate, no one should have inhibitions about meeting Jesus – it’s super."

Jesus wants you to get to know Him, for He loves you.

He said: "Whoever comes to me, I will never cast out" (John 6:37).

Why don’t you do what Melanie did - confess your sins to Him, and as Sarah did - ask Him to come into your life. Jesus answers prayer. You’ll become God’s child.

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