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29. Behind closed doors

Disciple: "John, lock the door – I don’t trust them. First they killed Jesus and then they’ll come for us." (sound of door closing)

Downhearted, Jesus’ disciples sat behind closed doors. Didn’t they know that Jesus was raised? Mary spoke with Him after all.


1st Emmaus disciple: "We’re here!"

2nd Emmaus disciple: "Open up!"

Disciple: "Cleopas, why aren’t you already back home?"

1st Emmaus disciple: "We talked with Jesus! He’s alive!"

Disciple: "Where did you see Him? Tell all!"

2nd Emmaus disciple: "At first we didn’t recognize Him at all."

1st Emmaus disciple: "It was like this: we were walking and talking. All of a sudden, a man came alongside us and joined us in our conversation."

2nd Emmaus disciple: "He asked us what we were talking about. I said: Are you the only one who doesn’t know what just happened in Jerusalem, that Jesus was crucified? He explained to us that God had predicted this already and that it had to happen just like this."

1st Emmaus disciple: "He sure knew His way around the Scriptures. And our conversation calmed us down. The time flew by, and it was already dark when we reached the town."

2nd Emmaus disciple: "We invited Him in for supper. And then it happened: He took some bread, prayed, tore the bread in half and gave it to us. And then we recognized Him: JESUS! But when we understood who it was, He disappeared. Right in front of our eyes – He wasn’t there any longer."

1st Emmaus disciple: "It’s really, really true! We spoke with Jesus and then we ran back as fast as we could to tell you that He’s alive."

When people meet Jesus, they can’t keep it to themselves and they just have to tell others about Him. While the two were telling the others about what happened, suddenly Jesus appeared right there in the room.

He showed them His hands and feet.

Jesus: "Peace be with you. It is me."

After this, the disciples believed. Hearing about Jesus is good. Meeting Jesus takes away all doubt and gives joy.

In the next drama, Melanie and Sarah will tell us how they met Jesus.

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