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28. The very first Easter

How long have you been awake today?

Mary and her friends woke up very early. But their hearts were so sad. If only Jesus were still alive! A few days ago He died on the cross. Whenever they thought about it, they cried.

At sunrise they went to His grave.

Friend: "Mary, look! The stone is rolled away! There, an angel!"

Angel: "Don’t be afraid! I know that you’re looking for Jesus. He isn’t here. He is risen!"

Hope sprung up! Of course! Jesus told them already that He would have to die, and that He would rise again after three days. How could they have forgotten that?!

Angel: "Come here and look at the place where they laid Him."

The women looked into the grave – it was empty!

Angel: "Go and tell the disciples!"

With great joy and astonishment in their hearts they left the grave. Jesus lives!

And on the way He met them. They saw Him. They touched Him. He spoke with them.

Jesus: "Don’t be afraid! Go and tell the others!"

And that’s just what they did.

Mary: "Jesus lives!"

Friend: "He is risen!"

Mary and Friend: "The grave is empty!"

(play a background melody while reading the verse) In the Bible Jesus says to you: "I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even when he dies. Do you believe that?" (John 11:25, 26b)

I’ll say good-bye with the greeting that Christians say to each other on Easter: "The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!"

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