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21. Sin begins small 6

King Ahab walked back and forth in his palace. One more time he leaned on the window sill and admired the vineyard.

Ahab: "I have to have that vineyard! It lies right next to my palace. I could make a wonderful garden out of it and even grow cabbage."

He went to the owner.

Ahab: "Naboth, sell me your vineyard."

Naboth: "Impossible! This piece of land is the inheritance from my fathers. You’re not allowed to sell an inheritance – it’s God’s law."

Without saying good-bye, Ahab left and went home offended. Sullenly, he threw himself on his bed.

Do you sulk when you don’t get what you want?

King Ahab turned his face petulantly toward the wall.

Isabel: "What’s the matter with you?"

When Isabel heard what was bothering him, she said:

Isabel: "Stand up and put on a smile. I’ll see to it that you get what you want."

The Queen wrote a letter to the city council, forged the King’s signature, and sealed the letter with the King’s signet ring.

The city councilor read these words: Host a party and invite Naboth. Then sue him and say: You blasphemed God and the King; for this you must die.

And so it happened. Unsuspectingly, Naboth accepted the invitation and at the end of the evening he was dead.

Isn’t it awful how a small sin can grow to be so terrible?

Seeing – wanting – envy – pride – being offended – lies – and then murder!

The news of Naboth’s death travelled fast. Then King Ahab went to take the vineyard as his own. But he acted without thinking about what God would think. Suddenly Elijah stood in front of him. Ahab became white as a ghost.

Ahab: "So now you found me, my enemy?"

Elijah: "Yes, I found you. You sold yourself to sin and let it grow in your heart. God hates sin and is going to destroy you and your family."

The King thought about these words over and over again. He was sorry for everything that he had done. And God saw his heart and was merciful to him.

When we confess our sins to the Lord Jesus, He is faithful and will forgive us of our sin as well.

People: Narrator, Ahab, Isabel, Naboth, Elijah

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