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22. Chariot of fire to heaven 7

Do you still remember the great search for Elijah that I recently told you about? His disappearance remained a puzzle.

Narrator: Elisha, you were his best friend. Do you know where Elijah is?

Elisha: "Yes, I do."

Narrator: It looks like you’re happy. I’m very curious.

Elisha: "I remember exactly how Elijah took off his cape before he left. I decided to go with him. He didn’t want me to come, but I didn’t let him dissuade me. On the way we met some prophets who asked us: Do you know that this is the last day that Elijah is going to be with you?"

Narrator: Were you sad when you heard that?

Elisha: "I already knew it and told them that they should just be quiet. We went further toward the east. When we got to the Jordan, we didn’t see any bridge anywhere. Then Elijah took his cape, folded it together and struck the waters. Imagine! The river divided in the middle and we went across on dry ground."

Narrator: Is that true?

Elisha: "Yes, I was there! I’m amazed at God’s greatness and power, and that He does such miracles through weak people.
As we walked along, we talked about God. And then something powerful happened. Out of heaven came a chariot of fire with horses of fire. Stunned, I watched as Elijah rode in this chariot to God’s invisible heaven. I called after him, but then I didn’t see him any more. God took Elijah to heaven in this glorious manner."

Narrator: And that’s why no one could ever find him. Thank you, Elijah, for answering our questions. The puzzle is solved.

Normally, death is the end of our life here. But for us it’s not as important as to how and when our life ends, but where we’ll be after our death. Elijah is with God because he lived with God. The Bible says it in another place like this: Whoever has the Son has the life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have the life (1 John 5:12).

In the next drama I will tell you how Peter began his life with Jesus.

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