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77. The grave is empty

Friends of the Lord Jesus took his dead body down from the cross and laid it in a new tomb, hewn in the rock. Then they rolled a large stone at the entrance of the tomb.

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Girl: Jesus went to the cross, God punished him.
Because we were so sinful, He died.
For me and for you, He died.

Terribly sad, the disciples sat together in a house and remembered. No one could really understand why Jesus had to die. Peter was especially affected. He was so sorry that he denied Jesus and said three times that he didn’t know Him. He couldn’t forgive himself for being so cowardly. Now it was too late. For Jesus was dead.

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Boy: Jesus died on the cross, He spilled His blood for us.
When we bring our sin to Him, He forgives us.
He forgives even me and you.

Suddenly the door flew open.

Mary: "He’s alive! Jesus lives! He’s not in the tomb anymore."

The other Mary: "An angel told us this great news. Peter, he specifically said that we should tell you. Jesus lives."

Peter: "You’re supposed to tell me that He lives?"

Peter couldn’t hold himself back. With John he ran to the tomb as fast as he could. They looked inside. Jesus’ body wasn’t there anymore. They saw and they believed that Jesus rose from the dead and was alive again. Immediately they ran back and told the others.

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Boy and Girl: Jesus lay in the tomb, but He didn’t stay dead.
On Easter He rose again, Hallelujah.
For me and for you, Hallelujah!

For me and for you. For the disciples and for Peter, for failures and for people who have done so many wrong things – Jesus died in our place and rose again.

People: Narrator, Mary, the other Mary, Peter, boy, girl

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