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76. Three lies in one night

Peter: "No, that’s not true! I would never do that."

Sometimes Peter came across as a show-off, but I believe that he truly meant what he said.

Peter: "That could never happen to me."

Did you ever think this? Peter was so sure, back then in the night when he walked with Jesus and the other disciples. It was dark and the mood was gloomy, when Jesus suddenly stopped walking and spoke to them.

Jesus: "This very night you will all fall away from me and abandon me."

Peter: "Never. And even if all the others desert you, I would never do such a thing."

Jesus knows our hearts.

Jesus: "Peter, I know you. Before the rooster crows, you will say three times that you never knew me."

Peter: "Lord Jesus, I would never do that; I would rather die than deny you."

The other disciples said the very same thing. But Jesus knew better.

Soon after this, when Jesus was bound and led away by his enemies, all of his disciples deserted him. Peter was also afraid. But at a great distance, he followed Jesus, because he wanted to see what they were going to do with him.

Peter: "Where are they taking him? To the palace of the High Priest? What about me? Just so I don’t attract any attention so that they don’t arrest me as well."

Peter sat down by the enemies of His Lord. With them he warmed himself by the fire in the courtyard. Was that the right place to be? A friend of Jesus with those who hated Jesus?

1st servant girl: "Hey you, you look familiar to me. Weren’t you also with Jesus?"

Peter: "I? Where did you get that idea? I don’t know what you’re talking about."

2nd servant girl: "Look, he was with this Jesus."

Peter: "That’s not true. I don’t even know the man."

Servant: "Anyone could say that. Of course you were with Jesus. Your speech gives you away."

Peter: "Stop this nonsense. I’m telling you, I don’t know Jesus." (sound of rooster crowing)

Shocked, Peter looked around. At that moment, Jesus was led away. As he passed by, he looked sadly at Peter. This gaze went through to Peter’s heart. And Peter remembered what Jesus had said just a few hours before.

Peter failed Jesus. And he was so very sorry. He went out and wept bitterly. Did he still know that Jesus loved him nonetheless?

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