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66. He is finally here

Sven: "When is he finally coming?"

Sven can hardly wait. He keeps running to the window.

Sven: "Mama, when is Papa coming home?"

Mother: "It can’t be too long now. He planned to come home today from his work trip. I hope he didn’t get stuck in traffic."

Sven: "He’s going to bring me a new computer game. If he would only come now!"

If he would only come! People in Israel thought this exact same thing many years ago. They waited and hoped that He would come soon, the Savior whom God had promised. Andrew could hardly wait. He looked forward to the One who would bring salvation and peace. He liked to be with John the most. He always talked about Him and had even seen Him!

Then the best day of Andrew’s life arrived.

He stood beside John at the Jordan River when John suddenly cried out:

John: "Look, there He is: Jesus! The promised Savior."

Andrew looked in the direction where Jesus stood.

Andrew: "There He is! He’s finally here."

Andrew wanted to get to know Jesus. He walked with his friend behind Jesus. Jesus knows exactly who is seeking Him and who wants to get to know Him. He turned around and asked:

Jesus: "Who are you seeking? What do you want?"

Andrew: "Where do you live?"

Jesus: "Come with me and I’ll show you."

With great joy and excitement, they went with Jesus. They saw where He lived and stayed all day with Him.

Being with Jesus is the greatest joy. Do you have this joy? Andrew could have burst with joy. He just had to tell someone about this wonderful experience.

Pass it on – that’s it! Whom could you tell about Jesus today?

Andrew told his brother first.

Andrew: "Simon, we found Him! Jesus is here. Come with me, you absolutely have to get to know Him!"

Andrew’s excitement was infectious. Simon believed his brother and went with him. And it was as if Jesus had been waiting for him. Jesus even knew his name.

Jesus: "You are Simon. But starting now, you will be called Peter."

A new name. This means that Jesus will make him a new person. Finding and following Jesus will change us.

This gives me courage, for He changes me as well.

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