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67. Identity cards for Jesus

Sarah: "How can I know that this is all true?"

What do you mean?

Sarah: "About Jesus. Can you prove that He’s really the Son of God?"

Can you prove that you are Sarah?

Sarah: "With my identity card. Too bad that Jesus didn’t have one."

I’m going to show you Jesus’ five ID cards!

Sarah: "He had five ID cards? Is that true?"

Jesus got the first ID card from God. At His baptism a voice spoke from heaven.

God (with echo): "This is my beloved Son, trust in Him."

The second ID card is the Bible. Every prophecy about the Son of God was fulfilled in Jesus 100%.

The third proof for God’s Son is the resurrection. He lives. Many witnesses saw Him. And people issued Him the fourth ID card. People who knew Him said:

Men: "This is truly the Son of God."

Sarah: "One ID card is missing."

Come along and I’ll show this proof to you in Cana. A wedding was being celebrated. The town celebrated seven days long with the bride and groom. Jesus and his friends were also invited. By the way, they weren’t always sure either that Jesus was God’s Son.

The guests were happy. They sang, danced, played, ate and drank. Then it happened: There was no more wine. Nothing more to drink in the whole house.

Sarah: "How embarrassing!"

Mary noticed it first. She told Jesus about it and He said to the servants:

Jesus: "Fill the water jars up to the top with water."

They hauled 160 gallons of water from the well. And now?

Jesus: "Fill a goblet and take it to the head waiter. He should taste it."

The head waiter took a sip and walked quickly to the groom.

Head waiter: "Where did you get this wine? I’ve never tasted anything as good as this in my life."

Jesus had turned pure water into the best wine!

This is the first miracle that Jesus did. Miracles are proof, are Jesus’ ID card, to show that He is indeed God’s Son. The disciples saw this miracle and believed in Jesus.

Five ID cards for God’s Son. They’re enough proof for me. I believe in Him. Do you?

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