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59. Tears on Christmas 1

In the Christian boarding school everyone was getting ready to leave. Turea looked forward to her Christmas vacation. Her father picked her up. It was a long drive home. Turea thought about a lot of things.

Turea: "Father, will Rachede recognize me again? How is Hassan doing?"

Turea was happy about seeing her siblings, her cat and the goats.

When they reached their village, they saw candle light in the windows. Outside the lightening bugs flew around. And the girls who were drawing water from the well called out:

Girls: "Hallo, Turea! We’re happy that you’re back. How are you doing? Will you tell us about your school?"

Turea: "Yes. But tomorrow. It’s already late. Come and visit me."

Her mother made Turea’s favorite meal. There was much to tell. Although Turea had been gone for so long, it was still like it used to be. But there was one thing that was different! She thought about it when she lay down on her mat to sleep.

It was Christmas. No one in the village would celebrate. Turea was the only one who loved Jesus. She wanted to celebrate, but she didn’t know how.

Turea: "I have an idea. Tomorrow I’ll get up very early and will read my Bible."

And she did. She slipped out of the house and climbed the hill. She sat there alone and read about Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Turea: "Jesus came, but his own people didn’t accept him. Lord Jesus, back then the doors in Bethlehem were closed, and today the hearts are closed."

When Turea was ten years old she asked Jesus into her life and trusted Him as her Lord and Savior.

Hassan: "Turea, I was looking for you. What are you reading?"

Would her brother tell on her if she told him a Bible story? It could have awful consequences for her. But she did it anyway. All around the world, the bells were ringing at Christmas, and at the same time a little boy heard the story about Jesus for the very first time.

Christmas day started out so beautifully, but at the end of the day, there would be tears. Why? I’ll tell you in the next drama.

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