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43. Good news 2

The walk to the market was wearisome. TiFam and her mother carried heavy baskets filled with sweet potatoes on their heads. Hopefully they would get lots of money for them, and then Mrs. Orestil would buy her daughter a new dress. The only one that she owned was already old and had holes. TiFam’s parents were poor. Her father always gave the best sacrifice to the evil spirits, but he never received peace in his heart as a result. Suddenly TiFam thought of Mary. Her friend didn’t carry a charm anymore because she was now a Christan.

They finally got to the market. There was a lot going on.

Salesperson: "Fresh vegetables! Super beans!"

Salesperson: "Corn from the new harvest."

Salesperson: "Cheap – here everything is cheap!"

Mrs. Orestil placed her basket in front of a man. Critically, he examined her harvest.

Salesperson: "I thought as much. Worms! The potatoes are full of worms!"

Disappointed and with only a little bit of money, Mrs. Orestil did her shopping. But TiFam experienced a miracle. A friendly man bought all the potatoes in her basket. Sie didn’t know that her friend became a Christian through this man. With the money she received, TiFam bought herself a pretty dress. She was so happy.

Later she encountered Victor again.

TiFam: "Look, there’s the man who bought my potatoes. What kind of book does he have in his hand?"

TiFam and her mother stood still and listened to what he was telling the people.

Victor: "I have good news for you. God loves you and wants to give you peace in your heart so that you don’t ever need to fear again."

Mrs. Orestil: "TiFam, I believe that he’s speaking the truth."

When Orestil, the witch doctor, heard that his wife listened to Victor, he screamed angrily.

Orestil: "Victor got you agitated. Don’t believe him. The spirits will get back at us."

Mrs. Orestil: "Orestil, I have peace in my heart. Victor’s God is stronger than the evil spirits."

At that moment Orestil took TiFams new dress, turned it into a rag doll, and stuck lots of needles into it.

Orestil: "That is Victor. He has to die. The needles will make it so."

TiFam was shocked. Her father had never done anthing like this before.

Who is stronger? The curse of the witch doctor or Jesus?

Listen to the next drama to find out.

People: Narrator, Mrs. Orestil, TiFam, salesperson, Victor, Orestil

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