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14. A slap in the King’s face

A long, long time ago the Vikings invaded England. These wild sailors spread fear and panic. They stole, killed and burned down houses and churches.

For a time, King Alfred won against them, but then he was defeated. His enemies pursued him. He had to leave his castle and flee.

He disguised himself as a vagabond and hid in the woods. An unrecognized King! He only let a few people know who he was. One of these people was the shepherd Ulfric. He would never have betrayed his King. He invited him into his cottage, but even his wife didn’t know who their guest was. She was surprised that their guest just sat at the table, deep in thought. She didn’t recognize him as the King.

One day she scolded:

Woman: "I’ve had enough! The whole day you just sit there and do nothing. Watch out that the cake doesn’t burn. I’m going to the well to draw water."

Silently King Alfred went to the stove. His thoughts were on his enemies. Maybe there’s another way to win…

A slap in the face woke him from his daydreams. The woman was back, the cake was black, and the smell was horrid.

Woman: "You lazy guy! Leave!"

In that moment her husband came into the kitchen.

Man: "Woman, how dare you speak to the King that way! Don’t you recognize him?"

What happened then, we’ll never know.

But this story of the unrecognized King reminds me of the Lord Jesus. It was even worse for Him, wasn’t it? As He lay in the manger 2000 years ago, hardly anyone recognized him. And later people didn’t want the Son of God around either. Condemned and despised He died on the cross.

And today? Today He is often an unrecognized King.

Would you let Him be King of your life?

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