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153. Does the devil really exist 1

Child: "I have a question: Does the devil really exist? From where did he come?"

The devil truly exists. His story begins in heaven.

Child: "In heaven?"

Lucifer was the most beautiful angel of all angels created.

He was created to worship the almighty God. But then proud thoughts conquered his heart.

Lucifer: "I want to be the greatest. Like God! I want to rule over all. I want to be God."

Because he wanted to be the greatest instead of worshiping the Greatest, the living God threw him out of heaven.

Since that time he is called the devil or Satan and he is God’s enemy. He tries with every trick he has to confuse and destroy God’s plans for His people.

God wants us to live - the devil wants our death.

God loves the truth - the devil is a liar.

God wants community with people - the devil wants to destroy us.

Child: "He was successful with Adam and Eve. They gave way to temptation."

I’ll let you in on his mean tactic: In order to get people away from God, he sows doubt and distrust in their hearts against God.

Devil: "Did God really say that you shouldn’t eat from this tree? Did He forbid you of having the best?"

Adam and Eve let themselves be tricked. And because of that, death came into the world. Since then every person is separated from God.

But God‘s love is greater, which is why He promised that He would defeat the devil and make everything good again.

Child: "He is referring to Jesus, I’m sure."

You’re right. Jesus is the victor! The devil trembles at His name.

He knew what nationality Jesus would be at his birth, therefore he used the Pharaoh and others to try to exterminate the Jews.

But God didn’t let His plan be foiled. Jesus was born one night in Bethlehem.

Jesus is the victor! He came to destroy the work of the devil. That’s why the devil hates Him and is now on the offensive.

Listen to the next drama and I’ll explain what I mean.

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