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118. The sled crash 2

Wouldn’t you rather ride to school on a sled than ride in the school bus? Annette and Lukas who lived in the Swiss Alps, sped to the valley every morning on their sled. But not together because they couldn’t stand each other. Why was it so hard to get along? And then it happened on Tuesday. Lukas didn’t want it to happen. It really wasn’t his intention. While sledding his fastest, he rammed into Annette‘s sled and they both landed in the ditch.

Annette: "You dodo! Can’t you be careful? Don’t you have eyes in your head?"

Lukas: "Annette, I’m very sorry. Wait, I’ll help you."

Annette: "Leave me alone! I can get up without your help."

Lukas: "Don’t get so upset, you silly girl."

Chilled to the bone and with wet books, Annette arrived much too late at school.

Teacher: "Annette, what happened?"

Annette: "It’s Lukas‘ fault. He forced me into the ditch. Then he ran away and left me alone."

Everyone felt sorry for Annette, and they looked at Lukas angrily. No one knew that in her heart Annette was just as bad as Lukas. Everyone took sides with the nice classmate who didn’t have a mother anymore.

People look at the outside, but God sees our hearts.

A quiet voice told Annette and Lukas that hate is sin. But neither one of them wanted to take the first step. And the situation got even worse.

In the spring after the snow melted, Lukas met Danny who was playing with his kitten on the mountain side.

Lukas: "What are you doing?"

Danny: "I’m picking flowers for Annette."

Lukas: "Well, well, for Annette. Your sister is dumb!"

Lukas took the crocuses from Danny, threw them on the ground and trampled them.

Danny: "I’m going to tell my Dad."

Lukas: "No, you won’t do that."

Lukas took Danny‘s kitten and held it over the deep ravine. Then everything went lightning fast. Snow White scratched and Lukas let it fall in the gap. Danny, only five years old, climbed down after it, slid and fell down the ravine. Stunned, Lukas stared down after him.

Lukas: "Danny! Danny, are you still alive? Say something!"

No answer. Lukas looked around him and ran home. He hid in the barn and cried and cried.

What happened then? You’ll find out in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Annette, Lukas, teacher, Danny

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