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119. Danny fell 3

Grandma looked at the kitchen clock. Danny should have been home already. She prayed quietly while Annette and her father climbed the mountain to look for him.

Father: "Danny! Danny, can you hear us?"

Annette: "Papa, Lukas surely has something to do with this. I’ll run quickly and ask him."

Annette ran to the neighbor’s house and then into the barn. As nimbly as a wild cat she climbed the ladder and threw herself on Lukas, who was crying.

Annette: "Where is Danny? What did you do to him?"

Lukas: "I don’t know where he is. It wasn’t my fault."

Annette: "What wasn’t your fault? Tell me where he is or I’ll call the police."

Lukas: "Danny is dead."

Annette’s face grew terribly white. Then she ran after Lukas who led her to the ravine where Danny had fallen. Father let himself down in the crevice with a rope. Lying on a stone ledge, he found Danny with an awfully distorted leg.

Father: "Danny is alive! He didn’t fall all the way down and drown in the rushing river."

Annette watched as her father came up through the crevice with Danny, and he even saved the kitten.

God protected Danny’s life. But in spite of good care at the hospital, he could only walk with crutches.

Annette: "Lukas is guilty!"

Was Annette right? She hated Lukas and became more and more unhappy. In her heart there was no place for all that her father read about from the Bible at night. It didn’t interest her that Jesus loves everyone and will forgive us of our hate.

Forgive? No. She wanted revenge.

One day, Annette discovered a beautifully carved pony on the steps of her neighbor’s house. She admired the mane and the hooves. It was so well done.

Annette: "I didn’t think that Lukas was capable of that. He surely wants to win first prize at a contest in school. But I’ll prevent that."

(sounds of wood falling to the ground, stomping with feet)

With a slap she threw the artwork to the ground and stomped it to pieces. There was so much hate in her heart that came out right then.

Annette knew that her meanness was wrong, but she thought: Lukas is a lot worse than I am. Secretly, she slipped away.

And the next drama will tell you what then happened.

People: Narrator, father, Annette, Lukas

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