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79. Invaluable

(sound of water spraying) The Indian pearl-diver jumped skilfully into the ocean. His best friend, David Morse, waited in the boat until the brown head appeared again. He opened the oyster with his pocket knife.

David Morse: "Rambhau, you are a super diver. This pearl is worth a fortune."

Rambhau: "Yeah, she’s not bad."

David Morse: "Is there a better pearl to be found?"

Rambhau: "I have one at home that is much more valuable."

David Morse: "I find this pearl perfect. Your eyes see it too critically."

Rambhau: "That’s what you always say about your God. People think that they’re okay, but you say that God sees how they truly are inside."

David Morse: "Yes, that’s right. But He wants to give each person a pure heart. That’s God’s gift. Do you understand that?"

In the meantime, the two friends had reached the beach.

Rambhau: "David, it seems too easy. I’m too proud to accept this gift. I want to do something to earn it. Do you see the pilgrim over there? He will walk barefoot on sharp stones till he reaches Calcutta. I’m going to walk on my knees to Delhi."

David Morse: "Rambhau, that’s more than 600 miles. Before you’ve reached your goal, you’ll die of blood poisoning."

But nothing that David Morse said did any good. A few days passed.

(sound of knocking)

David Morse: "Rambhau, is it you? Come on in."

Rambhau: "David, tomorrow I’m going to begin my pilgrimage. I want to tell you about my son before I leave."

David Morse: "You have a son?"

Rambhau: "He was the best pearl-diver on the Indian coast. He wanted to find the most beautiful pearl. And he found it. But because he was under water for too long, he died shortly afterwards (sound of weeping). Because you are my best friend, I want to give you the pearl that he found."

David Morse: "Rambhau, it’s wonderful. Perfect! But there’s no way that I can accept it. I’ll give you 10.000 Rupees for it."

Rambhau: "But you can’t buy it!"

David Morse: "If it’s worth more than that, I’ll work for it."

Rambhau: "David, this pearl is invaluable. My son paid for it with his life."

David Morse: "Rambhau, this is exactly what I’ve been telling you about God. His gift of salvation can’t be bought. Not through our good works or a pilgrimage. It’s a gift of God, for it cost Jesus, God’s Son, His life. Wouldn’t you like to accept this gift today?"

Rambhau: "Now I understand. It cost Him the life of His Son. I do want to accept His gift of salvation today."

Salvation is God’s gift, also for you.

People: Narrator, David Morse, Rambhau

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