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78. Lou Ling decides

Lou Ling had a big problem. She thought about the idol that was on the shelf above the front door. She lived in China and her parents said that this piece of wood was God.

Not true, it just can’t be true. The living God is in heaven, and this figurine on the shelf was nothing other than a dead idol. He had hands but couldn’t help anyone. He had a mouth but couldn’t talk. He had ears, but couldn’t hear.

People worshipped this idol but they didn’t know that the living God forbade it: I am the Lord your God, you should not bow down to any other god but me.

Lou Ling thought about this.

Lou Ling: "Is this really the true God that sits on our shelf?"

In the Christian school that she attended, she had heard about the only true God. She had learned that He sent His Son into the world so He could die for the sins of each person. She was impressed when she heard that He rose again after three days and now lives in heaven.

Who is right? Who is the true God? Jesus or the figurine in her house?

Lou Ling: "I know what I’ll do: I will bury our house idol in the yard. And if he comes to life, then I’ll know that he is the right God."

Lou Ling took a shovel, went to the yard and buried the idol. She was pleased with her idea and went back into the house. The first day passed. On the second day, she went to the small grave and scratched the dirt a bit to the side. The figurine was still lying there. She could hardly wait for the third day. But on this day, like the others, the idol lay dead in the ground.

Lou Ling: "Now I believe in the Lord Jesus, who died for me and rose again."

Lou Ling made the right decision and often experienced that the living God was with her and never left her alone.

God says in His Word:

"I am the Lord, your God; you shall have no other gods besides Me. Nothing should be more important to you than I am." (Exodus 20:2-3)

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