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54. One man yells the others laugh 2

Far away from home in northern Israel, ten brothers were watching their father’s sheep graze in the pasture. (sound of sheep bleating)

Envy of their younger brother obsessed them.

1st Brother: "What’s the dreamer, Joseph, doing these days?"

2nd Brother: "God apparently told him that he’s going to become a famous man. And we’re going to have to bow down to him. Haha, that’s the funniest thing I have ever heard."

1st Brother: "I’m still jealous about that beautiful coat that father gave to him."

2nd Brother: "Let’s stop talking about that. It only upsets us. Lush meadows for the herds are more important."

At home, the father thought about his sons.

Father: "Joseph, I’m worried about your brothers. Are they save and sound? Maybe wild animals attacked the sheep. Go to them and see if they’re doing well."

Joseph didn’t have to be told five times what he should do. Without complaining, he obeyed immediately. Joseph had to walk many miles. His brothers saw him from far away.

1st Brother: "Look, here comes the dreamer. Hey guys, let’s kill him."

2nd Brother: "Don’t do that. Throw him in to the well instead."

Reuben, the oldest brother, had a bad conscience. He wanted to save his brother.

Joseph came closer. He didn’t know anything about their terrible plans.

Joseph: "Peace to you brothers! How are you doing?"

1st Brother: "That has nothing to do with you. Give me your coat right now. And then we’re going to show you what the well looks like from the bottom up."

Joseph: "No! Let me go! What wrong habe I ever done?" (sound of him being dropped)

Fortunately there wasn’t any water in the well. But it was so deep that Joseph couldn’t climb out of it by himself.

Joseph: "Help! Help! Get me out of here! Help! I want to get out. Can you hear me? Help!"

His brothers, grinning, sat down in the shade and ate something. Suddenly a caravan of camels appeared. Traders were taking their wares to Egypt.

1st Brother: "I have an idea. Let’s sell Joseph."

2nd Brother: "Great idea, Judah. Then we’ll be rid of him, and we can divide the money amongst each other."

The deal was made. The brothers sold Joseph to be a slave in a foreign country for 20 pieces of silver. They kept his beautiful coat and brought it back to their father. It was covered with blood.

1st Brother: "Father, we found this. Wasn‘t it Joseph’s coat?"

Father: "Yes. A wild animal must have torn it. He’s dead! My son Joseph is dead!"

They covered their sin with a lie and their father believed them.

Only evil came out of their hearts. But God meant it for good for Joseph.

I’m curious as to how this story will continue in the next drama. Are you, too?

People: Narrator, two brothers, Joseph, father

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