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53. Envy has awful consequences 1

Do you have siblings? Do you get along with them or do you fight sometimes and say bad words to each other? It’s true, we can learn to get along with each other.

In Jacob’s family, though, they hadn’t learned this yet. Their story is in the Bible. Just imagine, there were twelve brothers in one family. There was a lot going on!

1st Brother: "I’ve had enough of this. Joseph always gets the best treatment."

2nd Brother: "The pip-squeak can get away with anything."

1st Brother: "We work our fingers to the bone and Father gives him whatever he wants."

2nd Brother: "That spoiled brat! Have you seen the new coat that he was given?"

1st Brother: "Father loves him a lot more than he loves us. It’s just not right!"

The brothers were envious. Have you ever thought or talked like they did? Envy in our hearts has bad consequences. It’s like a weed that only grows bad characteristics: jealousy, hate, fighting.

I know for myself that the best thing to do is to talk with Jesus about it immediately, and then ask Him to take the envy out of my heart.

Joseph’s brothers didn’t do the best thing: to ask for forgiveness. That’s why their envy grew and grew. They hated Joseph and treated him as if he were invisible. It hurt Joseph to feel like an outsider in his own family, and on top of that, to be made fun of. But he didn’t return their meanness. God gave him the strength to endure it all. God spoke to Joseph in a dream. The next morning, he told his brothers about it.

Joseph: "I dreamed that we were harvesting grain and binding the sheaves together. Suddenly my sheaf stood in the middle, and your sheaves bowed down to mine."

1st Brother: "What’s that supposed to mean? Do you want to become our king?"

Joseph: "After that, I dreamed that the sun, moon and eleven stars bowed down to me."

2nd Brother: "Be quiet, you dreamer. You think too much of yourself."

It would have been better if Joseph had not told them about what God told him in his dreams. For after that, his brothers hated him even more. They even wished that he wouldn’t live anymore. Can you see what consequences envy can have?

Even Joseph’s father scolded him, but he couldn’t forget the dreams.

What did all of this mean?

You’ll hear more in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Joseph, two brothers

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