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26. A friend betrays Jesus

Friend or enemy? What do you think?

Quickly he walked through the narrow alleys of Jerusalem. Worried, he looked back and finally arrived at the house of the High Priest. Behind closed doors plans were forged. These men wanted to kill Jesus. Someone opened the door and was surprised to see a disciple of Jesus standing there.

A friend goes to the enemy – what is that supposed to mean?

Judas: "What will you give me if I reveal the place where you can take Jesus prisoner?"

An insolent grin was seen on the faces of the others.

High Priest: "We’ll give you 30 pieces of silver."

The deal was made quickly. Happy with himself, Judas left the palace.

Conscience: "Judas, you are a disciple of Jesus. How can you betray Him for a few pieces of money?"

His conscience should have convicted him greatly. For three years, he was – at least on the outside – a friend, but his heart was far from Jesus. And now he waited for the right moment to betray Jesus. But Jesus knows everything; he knows each person through and through. It had to happen like this.

Jesus knew that He had to die, and He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Suddenly it grew very loud. Judas and the soldiers came with torches and swords.

Friend or enemy?

Jesus said at one time: "Whoever is not for me is against me."

With a kiss, which is a sign of friendship, Judas betrayed his Lord.

As quick as a flash the soldiers sprang and took Jesus prisoner.

They dealt with Him so very cruelly. They beat Him, whipped Him, and spit in His face. Then they dragged this innocent One to the judge.

False witnesses accused him. The temple servant cried:

Temple servant: "Don’t you have anything to say in your defense?"

Jesus remained silent and said nothing.

High Priest: "Tell us now - are You the Son of God!"

Jesus: "I am He."

People: "Never!"

People: "We don’t believe Him!"

People: "He deserves death!"

People: "Take Him away!"

People: "He must die!"

They didn’t want to believe it. And then?

In the next drama the story continues.

People: Narrator (& conscience), Judas, High Priest, Temple servant, Jesus, people

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