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25. The saddest story ever

Do you know who never had a birthday?

Adam and Eve! They weren’t born, rather God created them. But they were as happy as if they had a birthday every day. They lived with God. The talked with Him and could hear His voice. There was never fighting or sickness or worries. God had given them so much, and He said to them:

God said: "You can eat from all of the trees in the garden, except from the tree in the middle of the garden. Don’t even touch that tree, or you will die."

Everything belonged to them, with only this one exception. Adam and Eve loved God and therefore obeyed Him gladly.

But then someone piped up who never liked it when anyone had a good relationship to God. It was the devil. He used to be an angel. He was proud and wanted to be like God, and that’s why he was cast out of heaven.

Devil: "Did God really say that you shouldn’t eat from this tree?"

Eve: "We can eat from every tree except this one, otherwise we will die."

Devil: "You won’t die."

God’s enemy is an old liar. He twists God’s word and sows doubts. Eve knew God’s command by heart, but she listened to the devil, the tempter, anyway. She liked the fruit on the tree when she looked at it, so she took some, ate it and gave it to Adam, who was standing next to her.

Disobedience is sin, and sin has terrible consequences. Nothing was as it was before.

God said: "Adam, where are you?"

When God called them, they were afraid, so they hid from God. They each blamed the other. Sin doesn’t make us happy, and the righteous God had to punish them. The wages of sin is death; that means that we’re separated from God forever. Adam and Eve had to leave Paradise.

The worst possible thing in the world happened: sin came into the world. Since that time, every person is a sinner. But God is love, which is why He promised a Savior even back then, a Savior who would take our sin on Himself and thereby give us a new start.

The next drama will let you in on who this Savior is.

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