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165. The secret hiding place is taken 3

Ruth (excited): "Aunt Margret, Mrs. Robinger invited me over. I’m supposed to take her twins on a walk on Saturday. May I? Please say yes!"

Aunt Margret: "Unfortunately it won’t work out. I promised Mrs. Miller that you would play with her niece."

Ruth: "But I don’t want to! I hate her! I’m going to go whereever I want!"

Aunt Margret: "Ruth, go to your room. I thought that you had changed."

Ruth: "I don’t care!" (sound of the door slamming shut)

But Ruth did care. She threw herself on the bed and cried bitterly.

Aunt Margret: "Ruth, what’s the matter with you?"

Ruth (sobbing): "I was bad again. Does the Good Shepherd still love me? Aunt Margret, do you think that He’ll forgive me?"

Aunt Margret: "Certainly, Ruth. If you’re truly sorry and ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness, then He will forgive you."

Ruth prayed. And she asked her Aunt to also forgive her. Then she fell asleep with a good conscience and looked forward to the next day.

Ruth and Philip were planning to go to their secret place in the Wilden woods.

Very early the siblings started off.

Their wigwam in the thick brush looked like it always had. Philip crawled through the opening, but he came out right away.

Philip: "Somebody is in there! Hey, come out now! This is our hut."

Terry: "I don’t need your dumb hut at all. I can build a much better one."

A boy with a worn out shirt and ripped pants crawled out of their hut. He was about ten years old. Philip and Ruth liked him right away. Terry became their best friend. They shared their picnic with him and he showed them lots of secrets in the Wilden woods.

Terry could climb like a monkey. No tree was too high for him.

Philip: "Wait, Terry! Don’t do any further! That branch is too thin!"

(sound of the branch breaking) Then it broke and Terry fell to the ground. Motionless he lay there.

Philip: "Ruth, I think he’s still alive. Stay with him and I’ll go and get help."

Ruth was afraid for Terry and prayed:

Ruth: "Lord Jesus, please don’t let Terry die. I want to tell him about You so that he can become one of Your sheep."

Finally help came. Carefully, Terry was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Philip: "Ruth, do you believe that Terry will die?"

You’ll find out in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Ruth, Aunt Margret, Philip, Terry

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