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152. Pass it on - absolutely 2

No, the four lepers didn’t expect this when they snuck into the enemies‘ camp, sick and half-starved.

1st leper: "Am I seeing clearly? It just can’t be true!"

2nd leper: "But yes! The camp is empty! The enemies are gone!"

1st leper: "Maybe it’s a trap."

But it wasn’t a trap. The Syrians who had besieged the city of Samaria for so long and who tried to starve the Israelites were not to be seen.

Who drove them away?

The Bible tells us the secret: The living God caused them to hear the noise of a very great army. And because they thought that Israel had joined up with other armies, they left everything in a heartbeat and fled as fast as they could.

God did this miracle at sunset, exactly at the time when the four lepers went to give themselves over to the enemy.

They were expecting death and received life instead.

1st leper: "So much food! I still can’t believe it."

2nd leper: "What a prize! Look! Clothes, gold and silver."

They ate and drank. As if in a dream, they walked through the camp.

1st leper: "What we’re doing isn’t right. We can’t just think about ourselves. We have to tell those in the city this good news. For if we stay silent, then the others will die of hunger. And then we’d be guilty of their death."

The King thought at first that this news was the enemy’s trick. But all the inhabitants swarmed out of the city, saw that it was true, and plundered the Syrians’ camp.

The official who made fun of God was trampled to death in the city gate.

Everything happened just as God said it would.

Someone passed on the good news. Whoever believed it, survived. How good it is that that one person didn’t keep silent.

I’m reminded of what Jesus once said: I live and you should live also.

He wants people to live. Not just survive, but live eternally.

Many don’t know this yet. That’s why I want to pass on the good news about Jesus. Do you also?

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