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73. Shock in the classroom 1

The vacation was over. Too bad! But the school year was not going to be boring. The students in the Oak Tree School stood together in small groups. They were dressed a bit old-fashioned, but that’s how it was back then. But they were good at boasting. Especially Jim. Whatever he said, they did.

Jim: "Listen up! When the new teacher comes and acts like a big shot, it’s because he’ll be gone in less than no time. We’ve already chased three away and this teacher won’t last very long either."

1. school girl: "No one can handle us, even though we’re soooo obedient and willing to learn." (everyone giggles and laughs)

2. school girl: "Here he comes. Quick, into the class room!"

1. school girl: "How did he ever land at our school?"

2. school girl: "The principal said that God sent him here."

Jim: "And we’ll make him want to leave." (everyone laughs)

(sound of a school bell)

The school bell rang. Jim and his friends sat down in the back row. Curious, they waited to see what would happen next. The teacher came into the classroom. He was pleasant as he looked around the classroom.

Teacher: "Good morning, boys and girls. We want to get along with each other this year. If it’s going to be a good school year, then we need a good start today. Stand up, please. We’re going to pray."

Pray? The students were dumbfounded. Jim was so shocked that he automatically stood up and folded his hands.

Teacher: "Lord Jesus, help us to work together well and get along this year. Thank You for each student, and I pray that each one would get to know You, because You love each one. Amen."

The students didn’t understand what that meant. But his prayer penetrated their hearts. The teacher wanted them to get to know Jesus because Jesus loved them. They had never heard anything like this before. They didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. They had hardly recovered from the first shock, and then the second came. I’ll tell you what happened next in the following drama.

People: Narrator, Jim, two school girls, teacher

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