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24. Very good

In the fifth grade, everyone was excited. The teacher gave back the math tests. Some breathed a sigh of relief. Their grade wasn’t as bad as they had expected.

In the Bible I discovered the grade that many children dream of: A+!

Do you know where this is found? On the page that gives the account of how God created everything. His creation received the grade A+.

I’m amazed again and again at how wonderfully God created everything: your cute hamster, the cat, the dog. The tiny ants, the strong elephants. The funny monkeys, all of the fish and birds.

Before creating the animals, God let trees and plants grow for the animals to eat. And in addition the many flowers: the small snowdrop and the great big sun flower, the classy rose and the fragrant violet. To each one God gave the seeds to reproduce themselves. The Creator thought of absolutely everything. First He created the light, for without light no life is possible.

God created everything. Do you know how?

Through His word. He said: Let there be light, and there was light. Everything that you can see God created through His word. At the beginning there was nothing out of which something could grow or develop.

No accident, no big bang – only the omnipotent God could create something out of nothing.

And then the best thing was created.

God said: Let us make people. And He created man and woman according to His good thoughts.

On the sixth day God looked at everything that He had made and was glad, for it was very good. And He gave it all to Adam and Eve.

They had a wonderful life with God in paradise – until something awful happened one day.

In the next drama, I’ll tell you about the most terrible story ever.

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