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23. Peter starts anew 8

Boy: "What’s the matter with Peter?"

Girl: "He seems really different today."

Boy: "He’s just not joking around like usual."

Girl: "And he’s so quiet."

Peter looked so gloomy. He carried a backpack, an invisible, heavy backpack. What could be in it? He never talked about it.

Strange, whenever he was in Sunday School, he especially felt the heaviness of his backpack. Peter knew that he could never please God while carrying this burden.

In deep thought he went home. He wanted to be alone and went straight to his room.

His thoughts circled around the burdens that he carried:

  • the items that he stole from the store
  • the money that he secretly took out of Mama’s wallet
  • the lies and the dirty jokes that he told in order to impress people

It can’t continue like this, Peter thought. Through the stories in the Bible he knew that Jesus could make everything new. A new start, that’s what Peter wanted, and that’s why he did something that he had never done before: he prayed. Very honestly he talked with Jesus and told Him how sorry he was for everything.

He talked to the One we cannot see, but who is always with us and always hears us.

Peter: "Lord Jesus, thank you so much that you love me although you know everything about me. Please forgive me for my lies and my stealing and my ugly words. Make my heart clean and come in my life and be my Lord. Amen."

After his prayer, Peter was so relieved, for Jesus answers these kinds of prayers immediately. Joyfully he said:

Peter: "Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you have forgiven me and will always be with me."

The others noticed that Peter had changed. He told them the reason, even when some of them made fun of him and didn’t understand him.

Is a heavy backpack also pressing upon you?

I don’t know what’s in your backpack, but I do know that you can tell Jesus everything. Do the same thing as Peter!

If you do, I would love to hear from you.

People: Narrator, two children, Peter

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