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166. Does Terry have to die 4

Philip: "Ruth, do you think that Terry is going to die?"

Ruth: "No. I prayed that Jesus would heal him."

Philip: "I did, too, but I don’t know if Jesus heard me."

Ruth: "If you’re one of the Good Shepherd’s sheep, he always hears you."

Philip: "How does that work?"

Ruth: "Tell Him that you want to belong to Him."

Ruth showed her brother the picture of the Good Shepherd that the pastor had given to her.

Philip looked at it for a long time.

Philip: "Yes, I want to do that. Please leave me alone."

Soon his glowing face revealed that he now belonged to Jesus. And a letter from Terry made both children more than happy:

"Dear Philip, Dear Ruth, I’m not in the hospital any longer. Please come and visit me. My address is Birch hut on the Creek, in Wilden woods. Your Terry."

Birch hut on the Creek? Their friend lived in this ramshackle hut?

Philip knocked carefully on the door. (sound of knocking)

Mother: "What do you want?"

Ruth: "Terry invited us."

Mother: "Are you the children who were with Terry when he had his accident? Come in."

Terry lay motionless on his bed. He looked terribly thin and pale. He cried when he saw his two friends. Philip and Ruth had no idea what they should talk with him about. It was dreary and stuffy in his room.

Terry had lots of pain. For lunch, he drank a cup of tea and a thin piece of bread. Philip and Ruth never would have thought that Terry was so poor.

At home they told Aunt Margret everything and decided to visit Terry every day.

Philip: "I’ll bring him my album with the drawings of the woods."

Ruth: "And I’ll bring a bag of apples, plus the Bible with the story of the Good Shepherd."

Philip: "We’re going to give his mother five dollars from our piggy bank so that she can buy milk for Terry."

Ruth: "Wouldn’t three dollars be enough?"

Philip: "We’ll take it all with us and decide on the way."

And that’s exactly what they did.

Can you guess who they met on the path in the middle of the woods?

You’ll find out in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Philip, Ruth, mother

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