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167. Super idea, Aunt Margret 5

Ruth and Philip wrapped the gifts for Terry and took off. Their sick friend would be so surprised.

In the middle of the woods they met Terry‘s mother. She was crying. Ruth tried to comfort her and tell her about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who was looking for her and would help her because He loved her.

Philip: "We brought something for you, too (sound of money clinking). This is all that we have. You can buy milk for Terry with it."

Mother: "Thanks so much, you’re so kind. Go ahead, Terry is waiting for you." (sound of footsteps)

Philip: "Ruth, are you mad at me because I gave all our money away?"

Ruth: "No. The Good Shepherd also sacrificed His whole life when He died on the cross. So we can’t be stingy."

Terry was happy with his gifts. But he was still more discouraged than ever before.

Terry: "The doctor said that he can’t help me anymore. I prefer to die."

Philip and Ruth asked themselves if God heard their prayers. Why didn’t He do a miracle?

Depressed, they arrived at home that evening. Aunt Margret had brilliantly cleaned the guest room.

Aunt Margret: "What would you think if we let Terry and his mother live with us?"

Ruth: "Super! That’s a great idea!"

An ambulance brought Terry to the house. He liked his room. His bed stood near the window.

Terry: "This is wonderful."

Then he gazed at the picture on the wall. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, held out his hand in order to save the lost sheep.

Terry: "Ruth, I want a picture in which the Shepherd is holding the sheep in his arms that he found."

Pastor Robinger brought him one. In the picture were many sheep. Jesus walked ahead and carried a sheep in his arms.

Terry: "To where is He carrying it?"

Pastor: "Home."

Terry: "Where is that?"

Pastor: "There where Jesus lives. Where there are no more tears, no more pain."

Terry: "No pain? Does everyone go there?"

Pastor: "Everyone who belongs to the Good Shepherd."

Terry: "I want to belong to Him and go to Him."

Terry prayed and held the picture firmly in his hand. Then he fell asleep.

But what do all the footsteps in the house in the middle of the night mean?

I’ll tell you the answer in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Philip, Ruth, mother, Terry, pastor, Aunt Margret

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