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124. The best counselor 1

The preparations for the state visit were in full speed (sound of music). Flags were raised and delicious food was served. The reception for King Jehoshaphat from Israel in the south was unparalleled. Did he sense that there was an ulterior motive behind the invitation? King Ahab got right to the point.

Ahab: "King Jehoshaphat, I don’t own Ramoth anymore. That upsets me. Can you help me to win back the city?"

Jehoshaphat: "Of course. You can depend on my troops. But shouldn’t we ask God for His advice first? I only want to do what He wants."

It’s always good to make decisions with God. Take King Jehoshaphat as your example. I’m sure that this was his secret for a successful life. Everyone loved Jehoshaphat. He had millions of soldiers. None of his enemies dared to attack him. He received gifts from many places.

God was Jehoshaphat’s advisor. He asked God for advice about every decision.

King Ahab was very, very different. He didn’t like this suggestion at all.

This can also happen in your clique if you would suggest to others to listen to God. The best thing to do is not 'in', like with King Ahab.

Ahab: "Do we have to do that? Oh well, servant, call the prophets!" (sound of footsteps)

Ahab: "Should we attack the city of Ramoth or not?"

Prophet: "Attack it! You’ll win for sure."

King Ahab was content. But not King Jehoshaphat. He recognized God’s voice, and this was not it. These 400 prophets were liars – liars who told Ahab what he wanted to hear because they were rewarded for doing so.

Jehoshaphat: "Isn’t there any other prophet we could ask?"

Ahab: "There is one more, but I hate him. He always foretells calamity."

Jehoshaphat: "Bring him here."

Micaiah came. A true messenger of God who sometimes liked to joke around.

Ahab: "Micaiah, should we attack Ramoth?"

Micaiah: "Sure. You’ll defeat the enemy."

Ahab (upset): "You’re supposed to tell the truth. What did God tell you?"

Did he really want to hear God’s advice? Perhaps he’d listen to it, but certainly not do it.

Micaiah got serious.

Micaiah: "God showed me that your soldiers will soon be like sheep without a shepherd. King Ahab, your army will come home without you."

Ahab (angry): "Did you all hear this? He gave me my death sentence. Throw him into prison! Immediately!"

In the next drama you’ll hear what happened. Will you keep listening?

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