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115. The greatest Christmas gift

Girl: "I can hardly wait till Christmas. This year my wish-list is a mile long."

Boy: "Hopefully my greatest wish will come true. I want a new Smartphone so badly."

You have to wait just a little while longer.

Girl: "Yeah, unfortunately!"

But thankfully not as long as Simeon.

Boy: "Who is that?"

The Bible introduces him like this: not so young anymore, as a matter of fact, quite old. He lived in Jerusalem and was faithful to God. He had to wait 40 long years – maybe even longer - until his greatest wish was fulfilled.

Girl: "That long? And what was his greatest wish?"

His wish was connected to one of God’s promises.

God: "Simeon, you will die only after you have seen the Savior of the world."

Although Simeon had to wait and wait and wait, he never gave up hope. For he knew that he could depend upon God.

One day he went into the temple. And exactly at that moment, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus also arrived. When Simeon saw the baby, he suddenly knew: this is the promised Savior! Simeon saw Jesus. Now his greatest wish was fulfilled. This made him more joyful than all the gifts in the world could!

With great joy he took the baby in his arms and prayed.

Simeon: "Lord, now I can die in peace, for you have kept Your promise to me. My eyes have seen the Savior of the world."

Someone wrote a song about Simeon:

(sound of music)

There was an old, old man named Simeon.
His greatest wish was fulfilled, for he saw God’s Son.
Come, come also to me, Savior, I open the door.
Come, come also to me, Savior, I open the door.

I don’t know if all of your wishes will be fulfilled at Christmas. But I do know that when you wish for Jesus to come into your life as this song says, then Jesus will fulfill your wish today.

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