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101. Well hidden 1

Patrick went happily to the children’s hour. We had to laugh when he said: I had a baby.

Many, many years ago in Egypt, Miriam was so happy to have a baby brother. He was so sweet! But Miriam couldn’t tell anyone about him. Her mother had to hide him because of the Pharaoh’s terrible command.

Pharaoh: "The population of the Israelites is growing and growing. I’m afraid that they’ll become our enemies. I command my people: whenever an Israelite woman bears a son, you are to throw him immediately into the Nile River."

A horrendous command to murder! Wasn’t it enough that the Pharaoh forced the Israelites to be his slaves?

But the parents of the little baby boy trusted God and hid their son for three months. And God’s unseen hand protected the small child. But as he grew older, they couldn’t hide him any longer.

Miriam: "Mama, what are you doing with the reeds?"

Mother: "I’m braiding a basket. So, and now for the lid. Could you please give me the container of tar?"

Miriam: "For what do you need that?"

Mother: "So that the basket is water-proof. Miriam, we need to give our precious treasure away."

Miriam: "What are you going to do with him?"

Mother: "I’m going to put him in the basket and lay it in the tall grass on the shore of the Nile River."

Miriam: "And then?"

Mother: "Then we’ll have to wait and see how God’s unseen hand protects him."

Silently they walked to the river. This wasn’t easy for the mother, but she did it because she trusted in God.

Mother: "Miriam, hide in the reeds and keep a look-out as to what will happen. I should not be seen here, so I’ll go back home."

And then someone came. The daughter of the Pharaoh went with her servants to bathe in the Nile.

Princess: "What is that? Bring me that pretty basket."

Miriam’s heart beat loudly. Would the Princess throw her brother in the Nile River? (sound of a baby crying)

Princess: "This is an Israelite baby boy. I feel sooo sorry for him."

Miriam came out of hiding.

Miriam: "Should I find a mother who could nurse the baby for you?"

Princess: "That is a good idea. Do it."

You can imagine which mother Miriam found. The baby’s own mother got her baby back and was allowed to care for him for a few years. They thanked God wholeheartedly, for His unseen hand protected them wonderfully. It’s true that God has often protected you, isn’t it? Take time now to thank Him for His protection.

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