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100. Join us

Miriam is taking a ballet course. Tina wants to take a horse-back riding course during her vacation. Matthew successfully finished a judo course.

And I want to recommend to you a super cool Bible course.

It’s very good and doesn’t cost anything. You’ll find puzzles; you can answer quiz questions and decipher secret codes. And at the same time you’ll learn so much about God and about yourself!

Missy: "I want to participate. Where can I find this Bible course?"

Write me and I’ll send it to you. I look forward to your order.

Josh already took the course and answered all five sections.

Josh: "It was fun and wasn’t boring at all."

Missy: "I think that I’ll miss out if I don’t sign up for the course."

I think the same thing. The best thing for you to do would be to order your Bible course today.

You can start on it right away.

Maybe your friends would like to participate, just ask them. Then you could order the course all together.

Do you know who knew so much about the Bible when He was only twelve years old that even the adults were amazed? They were astounded at His questions as well as the answers that He gave.

This happened in the temple in Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago.

So, who was it?

Perhaps you can guess His name. It was Jesus, God’s Son.

Through the Bible course, you can get to know Him and His Word better.

Participate in the Bible course, and you’ll learn a lot about the Bible. For Bible readers know more.

Missy: "Sure, I’ll take the course!"

You, too? We are looking forward to your order.

If you want to invite children to participate and take the Bible course, we’ll provide the Bible course for you to translate.

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