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99. Safari quiz

We’re going on a safari, will you come along?

Boy: "We’re taking a trip through the Bible and are looking for famous animals."

Girl: "Some of them are quite fascinating."

You surely know some of them. If you’d like, you can write me and tell me the names of these animals.

Our trip takes us to Egypt first. The sun burns hot from heaven. For 400 years, the Israelites were slaves here. They cried out to God to save them. God heard their cries, but the Pharaoh didn’t want to let them go.

As a punishment, God let animals come into Egypt. They covered the land and even got into the houses and beds. Which animals were they?

After he had walked many miles, he saw a river. God’s messenger, Elija, sat here hour after hour. Birds brought him breakfast and supper.

What kind of bird brought him bread and meat per airmail?

I just thought of Bileam. He lived his life apart from God. Then the animal he was riding went on strike and talked to him with a human voice. What kind of animal did this?

You certainly know about Mount Ararat. On this mountain Noah’s ark landed after the great flood. Which bird brought a green twig in his beak back to Noah, which was the good news that the water had receded from the earth?

Our safari continues to Babylon. Daniel was taken captive here.

Girl: "He is my example. He prayed three times a day."

And for this he was to become food for the animals.

Which predator’s muzzle did God close so that it didn’t eat Daniel?

Do you know which animal the Bible describes as cunning? The snake. The devil used it to tempt the first people to disobey God.

Boy: "If that hadn’t happened, everyone would be close to God."

But instead, each one of us is by nature separated from God. For this reason, Jesus compares us to animals who have no orientation and who easily stray away.

What kind of animals are they?

Jesus is the good Shepherd. He calls people by name because He loves them.

Did you recognize at least four animals? I’d be happy if you’d mail me your answers.

(Answers: frogs, raven, donkey, pigeon, lion, sheep)

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