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102. All is revealed 2

It was a miracle of God that the baby was still alive. The Pharaoh gave a command to have all the Israelite baby boys thrown in the Nile River. But when his daughter, the princess, found a baby in a basket in the Nile, she felt sorry for him. The princess gave him to his mother so that she could take care of him for a few years.

Moses (as a child): "Mama, why can’t I stay with you anymore? Are you coming with me?"

Mother: "I can’t, my dear. But I will think about you all the time."

Moses (as a child): "I would rather stay with you."

But then they had to say good-bye to each other.

The princess adopted the young boy and gave him the name Moses.

Moses went to the best schools and studied hard. He was privileged. Moses became a wealthy man.

But in his heart he never forgot that he belonged to God’s people. To the very people who had been slaves for over 300 years in the land of Egypt.

Moses: "I am the son of the King. I have everything I want. I’m very rich. But what good does it do for me? I sense in my heart that I need to help my people."

Moses gave up everything willingly for God. He would rather be scorned than honored, rather be a slave than a prince.

This is why he left the palace. A little while later, he saw an Israelite who was being beaten by an Egyptian. Moses looked around and when he saw that no one was watching, he beat the Egyptian to death and buried his body in the desert sand.

God wanted to use Moses to free His people from slavery, but not like that.

People found out about it. And Pharaoh found out as well and wanted to kill Moses. So Moses fled to a foreign country. Was it now too late? Could God use a murderer like Moses?

(sound of sheep bleating) For 40 long years, Moses shepherded the sheep of another man. When he drove the herd across the grassy fields, he had lots of time to think.

He didn’t forget God and God didn’t forget him.

Suddenly Moses stood stock still.

Moses: "Impossible! That is just impossible. A burning bush. On fire. But it’s so strange – for the bush isn’t burning up at all."

The secret of the burning bush will be told in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Moses (as a child), mother, Moses

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