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62. At the end of the quest 2

Disappointed, the wise men from the Orient left the King’s palace in Jerusalem.

Here is where they had searched for Jesus, the newborn King. They had come in order to worship Him and to show everyone that He was to be Lord of their lives.

But they didn’t find Him in Jerusalem. It was dark when they left the city.

1st wise man: "Why was King Herod so upset?"

2nd wise man: "And why did he want to know exactly when the star appeared?"

1st wise man: "There it is again! The star that showed us that the King of the Jews was born."

The men from Babylon were so happy when they saw the star.

Imagine! The star went before them in the sky and showed them the way to Bethlehem.

Directly over a certain house, the star stayed put. For in this house, Mary and Joseph lived with the baby Jesus.

They lived there and found housing after the census, when all the others had gone back home.

And now the wise men were finally at the end of their quest.

They went into the house and found Mary and Joseph. And with their own eyes they saw baby Jesus, the King whom God had sent.

Amazed, they bowed before Jesus and worshiped Him.

They wanted to belong to Him; He was to be their King and rule in their lives.

Is Jesus your King also? Is He allowed to guide you throughout your life?

There is nothing better for you and me in the whole world than to have Jesus be King of our lives.

The wise men belonged to Him. They unpacked their gifts – they were so thankful! Gold and costly perfume and incense were their gifts for the eternal King.

The most precious gift that we have to give Him is our lives. Whoever gives his or her life to Jesus will be greatly rewarded.

People: Narrator, two wise men

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