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61. A new star 1

Billions of stars sparkled in the night sky. Men from Babylon observed the luminescent sky through a telescope.

1st wise man: "Look at that, a new star! One that has never been there before."

2nd wise man: "You’re right. Suddenly there’s a new star. What does that mean?"

These wise men knew a lot about astronomy. To find the answer to their question, they researched stone tablets and long scrolls.

1st wise man: "There it is: The star shows us that the King of the Jews has been born."

2nd wise man: "A very special King! The best thing to do is to go find him and then worship him. He should be our King as well."

Jesus, the eternal King was born.

First, God told the shepherds and then the wise men in Babylon.

Soon after that, the wise men loaded their travel bags and gifts onto their camels. They had to cover a distance of over 620 miles. Their trip took months. But Jesus was that important to them. They wanted to worship him and show everyone that they accepted Him as Lord of their lives.

Will you also show Him this same thing this Christmas season? Do you want Him to also be your Lord and Savior?

Tired, the wise men finally reached the great city of Jerusalem.

1st wise man: "Where is the newborn King? We have seen His star and have come to worship Him."

Nobody answered them. The people were shocked and kept walking. King Herod was shocked the most. This terrible King, whom everyone feared, was afraid of losing his throne. Quickly he called his scribes to come to him.

Herod: "Do you know where this King of the Jews will be born?"

Scribe: "Of course we know. We have studied God’s Word. The King will come out of Bethlehem."

These words struck Herod like a sword. But he didn’t let anyone see his fear. Secretly, he asked the men from Babylon:

Herod: "When did the star appear? When did you see it for the first time?"

Unsuspectingly, they told him the date. Now he knew what he needed to know.

Herod: "Go to Bethlehem and search for the child. When you have found him, then come back and tell me, for I also want to worship him."

Did he really want to do this? No. This terrible liar wanted to be the only King around and because of that, he wanted to kill this young King. The wise men left Jerusalem. In the next drama, you’ll hear what happens next.

People: Narrator, two wise men, Herod, scribe

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