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50. Caution danger of an avalanche

In the Swiss mountains, a boy tended his sheep. He loved the flowers and the luminous glaciers. A hiker came up the small mountain path.

Hiker: "Greetings, what’s your name?"

Henry: "Greetings, I’m Henry."

Hiker: "Are you all alone up here?"

Henry: "Yes, I’m on vacation and am caring for my father’s sheep."

Hiker: "Then you’re a shepherd. Do you know the good Shepherd?"

Henry: "No, who is he?"

Hiker: "The Lord Jesus. In the Bible it says that people are like disobedient sheep who gladly go their own way. The good Shepherd seeks us. He wants to lead us and care for us and bring us to heaven one day."

Henry: "Will he take me there when I die?"

Hiker: "Yes. You only need to ask Him to be your Shepherd."

Henry: "I’d like to do that right now."

Henry spoke a simple prayer. It came from his heart. He wanted to belong to Jesus. Before the hiker continued, he said to Henry:

Hiker: "Now you belong to the good Shepherd forever. You can say: The Lord is my Shepherd. Look, you can use your fingers to say this Bible verse."

Henry repeated the verse and held one finger on his left hand for each word. He held the fourth finger especially tight and said:

Henry: "The Lord is my Shepherd."

He happily told his parents about this. His vacation ended and Henry had to go to school again.

Winter came. And winter can be very perilous in the Swiss mountains. Sometimes there is the danger of an avalanche.

Henry stamped through the high snow. Suddenly he heard a thundering noise. He wanted to run, but it was too late. The avalanche covered him and buried him under a huge mass of snow.

When it got dark, his parents began to worry. The looked for him for hours. When they finally found him, they saw that he was tightly holding the fourth finger of his left hand. While dying, Henry remembered his good Shepherd.

His parents were so very sad. But it comforted them to know that they would see Henry in heaven again one day. One day, when they would be with the good Shepherd forever.

Can you also say: The Lord is my Shepherd?

People: Narrator, hiker, Henry

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