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51. Two gifts

1. Friend: "Do you know how our friend is doing?"

2. Friend: "Poorly."

1. Friend: "It must be awful to have to lie down day and night and not be able to move around."

2. Friend: "I feel so sorry for him."

1. Friend: "We should bring him to Jesus. He’s in Kapernaum. He can heal him."

These were true friends. They didn’t abandon their lame friend. They carried him on his mat to Jesus. Unfortunately, they were a bit late. The house in which Jesus was preaching was already full of people. There was a crowd even in front of the door. That made it impossible to get through the doorway. Everyone wanted to hear Jesus. No one could teach about God as well as he could.

2. Friend: "I have an idea. Do you see the stairs that lead to the roof?"

1. Friend: "I can imagine what you’re thinking. Let’s do it! Let’s go!"

Up the stairs they carefully carried their friend to the flat roof. Then they made a hole through the clay roof and let down their sick friend on his mat directly in front of the Lord Jesus. Would He help him?

Jesus looked up at the friends. He saw their trust and for that reason, He said to the lame man:

Jesus: "Your sins are forgiven."

Jesus gave him forgiveness. No one anticipated that. Some people thought: How can He forgive sins? Only God can forgive us.

Did they still not understand that Jesus is God’s Son and can forgive sins? Jesus knew what they were thinking.

Jesus: "What are you thinking in your hearts? Which is easier to say: 'Your sins are forgiven' or 'Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk'? You’ll see in a minute that I can do both."

Then Jesus said to the lame man:

Jesus: "I command you: Stand up! Pick up your mat and go home."

No one moved a muscle. Then the lame man began to move! He stood up, rolled up his mat, and started walking.

Jesus had healed him. Everyone praised God for this. Amazed they said:

People: "We’ve never seen anything like this before!"

One person went home richly blessed. What are the two gifts that Jesus gave to the lame man? Write to us and we’ll answer you.

And always remember: Jesus wants to bless you!

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